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Tronna Freeman

I am interested in your hall for my wedding and reception. Do you have any pictures or brochures. My wedding date is July 9, 2005.

Liz Meyer

Please send information about having a wedding in June, July or August. Thank you.


i am interested in having a party in February 19th 2005.

Carmen Soler

I am interested in renting the Voss hall for Saturday, August 11, 2007 and I was wondering first off if the daqy is available and secondly how much it will cost? The party is to for about 100 people and it's for my sons highschool graduation and my daughters 8th grade graduation combined. Any information you can send will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Carmen Soler

Margie McEvoy

My parents were married at this church 60 years ago. They must certainly have had their reception at Guild Hall. We are planning to attend mass there next Sunday (the 22nd). Could we possibly take a look at the hall -- for old time's sake ?

Queen of Angels Parish

The parish is no longer taking rentals of the Guild Hall, Voss Center, conference rooms or any other facility. This website will be removed in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding.

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